4 Iphone Screen Repair Tips

You love using your iPhone; it is an elegant window in your palms that gives you access to the online world. At least it was, until that moment you dropped it face down, cracking the screen your worst fear. What you have now is a less beautiful window with a jagged fracture that is likely to cut your finger. What is the easiest and best way to repair it? Is going online or to a third party repair service the best route?

Here are four iphone repair tips for your shattered, broken or cracked screen.
However, before moving on to the tips, it is critical that you backup your device. Backing up photos and personal data to iTunes will help you get everything back should you decide to replace your device. All you need to do is plug your IOS device to a Mac or PC with iTunes and press Backup on the phone. Once done, you can now move on to repairing the screen.

Tip #1: Go to Apple
Getting the damaged screen replaced by Apple is cheap and easy sometimes even free. However, this is dependent on the type of damage and warranty status of your device.
Hairline cracks are considered by Apple as defects in the glass and the company can replace your device, free, within a year of purchase or two years if you had purchased AppleCare+. However, if you have several cracks or the spider web like crack, Apple expects you to pay the replacement cost.

In terms of warranty, there are three possible outcomes, you are either:
· Out of warranty, and you will still have to foot the entire iPhone screen replacement cost

· Within the first year manufacturers warranty period, you will still be required to pay the replacement cost since the warranty does not cover accidental damage
· Covered by AppleCare+, you can get a replacement at any Apple Store or via AppleCare for a small fee depending on your device’s model.

Tip #2: Go to Third Parties
You do not have to rely on Apple to get your screen repaired, but going to third parties will void your warranty especially if they are not fully approved iPhone repair providers. Third party vendors include high street retailers and online repair services.

High street retailers offer you a one stop solution for all your iPhone needs, including screen repairs. The high street is the most popular solution for many people due to the personal service something not available from online repair services. Make sure that you call ahead and see if they can help. Some companies offer online store locators that you can use to filter results based on your location and repair services they offer.

Online repair services are great if you do not have the time to take your device in to a shop yourself. However, such services rely on the postal service, but a few companies offer an additional express pickup service if you are worried about having your phone handled by somebody else.

While most iPhone repairs are carried out the same day, do not be surprised if a store asks you to wait a bit longer. This is especially common if the store has to order in some part. In addition, some high street and online repair companies are approved iPhone repair providers and can carry out warranty repairs completely free.

Tip #3: DIY Repairs
If the screen damage is more cosmetic, there are various DIY options available. The Internet is awash with several home remedies for dealing with scratches not cracks on iPhone screens. The remedies range from using toothpaste to using car scratch removers. If you decide to use the creams, make sure that all ports are sealed so that the liquid does not cause further damage to your iPhone.

The other DIY option is certainly not for the faint-hearted. There are many online tutorial videos that show how to repair any part of an iPhone. However, the DIY approach is the fastest way to void your warranty and you will have nobody else to blame, but yourself should anything go wrong.
Tip #4: Deal With it

If you are short of cash and the thought of taking apart your iPhone scares you, you have one last, less prettier option let the broken screen be and live with it. If the cracks are around the edges and do not interfere with your experience, this last alternative can hold.
A glass screen protector is a viable option if you have one or two large cracks running across the screen. The protector will help protect your fingers while you swipe. In case of extensive cracks, your iPhone may be unusable and the best option is getting a total screen replacement.

Smashing your iPhone screen is bad, but not disastrous. Follow the iPhone screen repair tips above and you will find that all hope is not lost as long as you get the screen repaired the right way.